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Why Does Coffee Give Me Heartburn?

It’s time to begin your day correctly with coffee as the #1 priority.

You  think about it as you are getting it prepared; how it's going to taste, the flavor, how it makes you feel. Everything is just right.

However, one thing was not quite right, and it's about to hit you like a ton of bricks! It's that nasty, miserable, stomach-churning, post-coffee heart burn.  Yuck! Ouch! Too much of that can't be healthy. But did you know that it just might be your brew method that is causing that burning, churning feeling?

Battle of the Brewers!


So you're having some people over for coffee... How are YOU going to handle this?

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Can I Drink Cold Brew Coffee Hot?

The answer is you betcha! In fact it's a great way to really taste the difference between cold brew and drip or single serve. The biggest struggle with the term 'cold brew', is often people say  "Oh.. I don't like cold coffee". The reality is you can drink it hot or iced! The phrase "cold-brew" is in solely regards to the brew process... How you choose to enjoy it is 100% up to you.

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Can you cook with Coffee?

Short answer. Yes.

Long answer. Absolutely yes! Now while most people are more aimed towards drinking coffee, we truly believe in letting your creativity jump in! Baking with coffee is probably the most likely way you will cook with coffee and cold brew extract gives  many types of desserts such as cookies, cakes, Tiramisu, brownies, you name it,  a rich coffee flavor that is natural, unlike powdered coffee or espressso which can add bitterness to your dish. Take your next baking-game to the next level, try using a shot or two of cold brew for that coffee kick!

What Happened To The Coffee Culture?

In some cultures, the morning coffee is practically sacred. It is a time to enjoy a beverage while engaging in some quiet self-reflection before the day begins, to have pleasant chit-chat, and to genuinely appreciate and savor the experience.  It appears these aspects have become harder to find in the current coffee culture... So, what happened?


The Birth of a Beverage

Do you ever wonder, just how exactly did we get to where we are? Even in general terms, all technologies and commodities have a start. The wheel, the computer chip, the printing press -- All of these monumental tools had a beginning...

So what was the beginning of Coffee?


Coffee As Your Pre-workout companion

We all know that coffee is a great pick-me-up but it can also be a great way to  mega-charge yourself before a workout.

What better way to rev yourself up, than a delicious beverage that will give you the drive needed to push yourself further!  Lately many people are using a shot of cold brew coffee in their pre-workout drink . Cold brew coffee is naturally low in acids so it's also gentler on the stomach. Because who needs a burning, churning stomach mid-workout?

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Drink The Coffee That's Less Wasteful

If you are one of the millions of health conscious coffee lovers have you ever thought if your daily habit is friendly to our planet?  There is a side of the realm of coffee that many might not think about.

Waste. Garbage. Refuse. 

It's so easy to toss your empty cup, or single-serve pod in the trash. That's how it works, right? You just throw it away, and *poof*  it's gone? No!

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BodyBrew's Radiant Recipes!

One of the most incredible things about cold brew coffee extract is that you can do anything you want with it! With bold flavors and ease of use, you'll find that you can create delicous and healthy hot and iced coffee drinks, cocktails and desserts in seconds!

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Cold Brew Low Acid Coffee That's Stomach-Friendly

Coffee, a morning ritual and for many of us an anytime pleasure. But, if you’ve ever experienced the uncomfortable side effect of heartburn or a churning, burning stomach after having even just one cup was the pleasure worth the pain?