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Are You "Taste-Bud" Blind?

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Are You "Taste-Bud" Blind?

You hear the phrase "nose-blind" on a lot of air-freshener commercials and the like. It essentially means that you've become so accustomed to something sensory to the point where you no longer acknowledge its existence. If you're used to something, you probably do not draw very much attention to it. Hence the need to address smells that could possibly be going un-'smelled'. (Is it smelt? Smelled? Whoever smelt it, dealt it... right?)

What does this have to do with coffee?

Since this dynamic is based upon our senses, it's not too radical to translate this logic to our sense of taste. Your tongue is covered in all sorts of salivary glands & taste-buds that talk to your brain.

 "Mmm! Cheese burger. GOOD! Eww! Brussel sprouts. BAD!" -- You get the idea? However, where we're taking this conversation lies in a more fluid form: coffee.

We understand that trying new things can be scary. People don't like change. (Unless it's some coins to pay for parking!) Because people can often get stuck in monotonous routines, there's bound to be people who've been sluggin' back the same cup of coffee for years. If that's the case, do they actually enjoy the drink? Are they even aware of what they're drinking? What if they've gone taste-bud blind to it? What if they're unknowingly missing out on something amazing!? What if they have no idea that their longstanding coffee has been terrible?!

This is the prime opportunity to do a taste test comparison. New external stimulae is sure to give the brain something exciting to process. Trying something that you're super "used" to, V.S. something new! (BodyBrew Cold Brew)

The stark differences between a standard shot of espresso from _______ , or old school hot-drip coffee compared to home made cold brew are almost incalculable. Perhaps one of the most common tidbits of feedback we receive from our amazing customers is that they had no idea that coffee could taste "like this! ". Granted, "like this" leaves little creative licence for the imagination.

Perhaps this speaks to the fact that it can be difficult to articulate the experience of something new.


Those who are unfamiliar with cold brew coffee will immediately taste that it's incomparably different to other forms of coffee. But what does that difference actually equate to? Since cold brew coffee is inherently lower in acids & oily compounds, it makes sense to say that the flavor is also different too.

With fewer pesky acids & oils to be tasted, your tongue gets a completely new read on the coffee. This continues ever on, as there are so many different kinds of coffee beans out there. New fruity tones to taste! Amazing, almost-chocolatey-ness to relish in. The same principals to that are common in wine tasting are also present in the coffee culture. (But don't spit out coffee! That's just wrong & wasteful. 😉)

By brewing coffee cold, suddenly your cheap grocery store coffee tastes like some top-shelf cold brew that some places would charge $5+ for.

Now we understand that cold brew might not be for everyone, but it's always worth a try! So check us out, and Experience the Difference with BodyBrew.




(We also have a 30-Day No Risk Warranty. Give us a shot! Don't like it? -- No worries!)

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