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Battle of the Brewers!

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Battle of the Brewers!


So you're having some people over for coffee... How are YOU going to handle this?

Your friends have arrived, and are all just itching for some java. Naturally, like any good hospitable host, you hop to the kitchen to whip up something good.

You have two options.

You can either....

A. Pull out some plastic pods, fill the reservoir (wait a few minutes for the darn thing to turn on), next get out 4 glasses, and wait for each one to fill, one by one until you've filled them all. Oh and if 2 out of the 4 guests want iced coffee, there's a bit of a wrinkle in the plan because the coffee is hot, it will melt the ice and dilute the iced coffee's flavor making it weak and watery. Plus the coffee whether hot or iced has a bitter flavor because the high heat and fast brew time increased the acid formation in the brew.

B. Grab your Extract Chamber of pre-made cold brewed coffee out of the fridge and make whatever kind of coffee drink you want by adding the extract to hot water, for hot coffee, or add the extract to cold water or milk and ice for iced coffee in seconds. Because the coffee extract is thick, smooth and rich, you’ll end up with iced coffee that is rich and creamy instead of watered down and since cold brew is naturally low in acids the brew is smooth and rich, never bitter.

  So go on, impress your friends with your newfound coffee savvy attitude and start cold brewing!

Long story short, most hot-drip/single serve machines make scorched & acidic coffee. Plus over time single serve and hot brewers build up minerals and moisture in the inner workings so they need to be cleaned. The smell of hot vinegar is definitely not aromatherapy, which is why most people don't clean them often and that leads to a whole different problem both hot brewers and single serve, have plastic inner parts which get heated during the brew process and those same parts if not cleaned regularly can be a hiding place for mold and bacteria.

Most cold brewers are easy to clean and the BOD® Cold Brew Coffee System is completely dishwasher safe, making cleanup a snap.

The BOD®  is also made with only the highest quality materials. We partnered with Eastman® and use their cutting edge, co-polyester material called Tritan™. Tritan™ is dishwasher durable, stain resistant and is BPA, BPS, PVC and PHTHALATE free. Extensive third party testing by Eastman® shows NO estrogenic and NO androgenic activity. The BOD's micro-mesh filter is made from high quality stainless steel and is naturally anti-microbial.

So the next time you have guests, serve them something that rewards their taste buds and respects their bodies!


Don't believe us? Check out the science! 


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