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Brew Epic Coffee For The Gamers.

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Brew Epic Coffee For The Gamers.

Whether you work a desk-job or are a hard-core competitive gamer -- chances are, you're probably sitting while doing it. You might be sitting while reading this right now! Sometimes in a moment of rest, one might wonder about a beverage that might assist their 'revive' session to get them ready to go back to the battlefield. While not always the preferred environment, sometimes you just need a quick buzz while super-smashin' with some friends , or cranking out an intense speed-run. 

The most common drinks that boast 'boosts' of energy, would be coffee & energy drinks. But which is better? Let the battle begin!

Coffee .VS. Energy Drinks | Round #1 -- FIGHT!

Some people 'power up' with a star, mystical gems, or even enchanted equipment! In a more realistic realm, one could argue that coffee is the human 'power up' too, no magic spells or ingredients necessary. Except the coffee beans -- we already know there's magic in those. ;)

Any Coffee? Probably. But our case leans more towards Cold Brew Coffee. But why? There's more to cold brew than just its flavor profile, versatility and ease-of-creation, but because cold brew coffee is lower in a variety of acids & other harmful compounds (otherwise commonly found in hot brewing methods -- you can read more here), it's perfect for those who are trying to keep their 'stats & buffs' in good shape.

Instead of a 'mana' potion, a quick shot of cold brew extract will give you 'mana' & stamina too! (Are we nerd-ing enough here!?) Having quality coffee doesn't have to be a long and arduous "100%, 'NO DMG' Speedrun". In fact, making cold brew coffee can actually be rather simple, effective & efficient! The BOD System makes delicious coffee for athletes, but it's also great for you gamers too! Now the common contenders to coffee drinks, are energy drinks.cold brew maker kitchen

Energy drinks are a rather familiar libation at an E-Sports Tournament and Gaming Cons. Sadly, energy drinks are also rife with all sorts of potentially harmful additives, colors & chemicals. Not to mention a lot of calories & sugar, which everyone knows is not good for many aspects of the human body.

There's also a villainous underside to having too many energy drinks. Have you ever experienced an Energy Drink Crash? Because of their high amounts of sugars & artificial ingredients they can have a tendency to give the intended boost but at a steep price. The Crash. A mini 'Game-Over' if you will. An added issue with these drinks, is that sometimes one drink is just not enough. LiveStrong reports on the adverse effects of too many energy drinks and their rather rhythmic behaviors.

"[A]fterwards you will feel lethargic, anxious, irritable, fatigued and may find it difficult to sleep. You may also suffer from headaches. In the end, because you feel that your energy has been drained, you will be tempted to reach for another energy drink -- increasing the risk that you will become addicted to it."

To combat such a vicious cycle, many might seek out an option with less bodily impact -- you guessed it! Coffee. Since the perfect potion might not always be in arms reach, a quick trip to the drive-thru may sound enticing. Instead of having to be distracted by an uneventful (and possibly unfruitful & expensive) trip to the coffee shop, you might have a better experience by brewing your favorite coffee on your desk.

ON YOUR DESK!? Yeah. On your desk.BREW AT YOUR DESK 3

Brewing at your desk might not be a completely revolutionary thought since there are multiple ways of brewing coffee. However, there can also be a variety of issues to match!

Let's pretend that you just beat that super tough last boss's final form. You fling your arms in excitement, and knock your [insert OTHER brewer here] off the table. Yikes. Game over. There's no reset button for a busted coffee maker.

Certain cold brew coffee makers like a French-press or a Toddy are fragile due to being made of glass, or an inefficient setup. You definitely don't want your coffee maker to shatter on accident, and spill coffee/water/grounds all over your table. 

But what about a single-serve/pod machine? 

Yes, those work too -- but they require electricity. If you're a legit gamer, the last thing you need is another electronic device plugged in somewhere and cluttering your gaming-throne setup. They're also a pain in the butt to clean and maintain. (Disposable pods are also super bad for the environment!) WASTE_BLOG_COVER

Another reason against many common cold brew makers is that they only make enough for 1-3 servings, with little versatility for usage. If you're playing a party game with a bunch of buddies, you'll want to make enough for everyone! Thankfully, the BOD System is completely compact, modular, portable and shatter-proof. Which means no disasters should arise after a knuckle-clenching fight. It's also dishwasher safe, meaning less time cleaning and more time for zappin' some baddies!

Coffee Could Improve Your Reaction Time & Focus

When it comes to video games, there's one piece of the puzzle that's often required by the player (depending on the gaming genre). Reaction Time. Essentially, how quick can you react to the game in order to continue on the level/stage/etc successfully, and unscathed. It's the same as your 'reaction time' when driving. When you see a red light, how long does it take for you to recognize it, and make your next move! Now not all games rely on speed -- there are a variety of more slow-based games, but they still require focus and thought.

Unfortunately, many ingredients of a more popular energy drink may give you too much of a buzz, therefor losing that mental acuity. If you're looking for something to sip while crushing some candy, again, coffee will be the better choice. 

Why? Thanks Caffeine! 

Coffee's biggest 'buff' is caffeine. It's the reason why it gets us up and going and ready to tackle the day.

WCCFTech also explains as to how coffee is great for gamers.

"Coffee is revered among gamers, a delicious beverage that provides both a tasty treat and the most precious ingredient of them all; caffeine. And even better, coffee is cheaper than other energy drinks while not having all of the extra superfluous ingredients that might end up being detrimental to you. Coffee is a gaming beverage through and through, the very dulcet libation that serves to sustain life."

Did you get that? A cheaper, and more efficient 'energy' drink, with hardly any of traditional energy drinks' negative bodily impacts. You can't argue with that.

So what does this mean?

It means it's time to LEVEL UP your coffee game!



As always, if you're concerned with your health and what you put in your body, you should always talk to your primary physician.  

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