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Brew it Cold, Yet Drink It Hot!

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Brew it Cold, Yet Drink It Hot!

There's still so much misinformation out there about cold brew coffee. We get this question literally all the time.

"Can cold brew coffee be drank hot?" -- Of course it can! In fact, the versatility of cold brew coffee is perhaps what makes such a delicious cup of coffee. With less acids and bitter flavors, you might find your new 'hot' - cold brew coffee is a real kick in the pants. But how does one 'make' hot coffee using cold brew?

First let's drill down to the misconception about cold brew. You see, many of the cold brewers out there produce cold brew coffee that's ready to drink so you're pretty much stuck with drinking it cold, unless you have a microwave nearby. The same is true for bottled cold brew.  Since these are not a concentrated but are already diluted adding hot water and diluting it further would just make a really thin cup of coffee. But it's not the coffee's fault!

The solution to getting the full versatility out of cold brew coffee and being able to drink it hot or iced is  to use a cold brew coffee system that makes a concentrate. When you have a super strong coffee extract, (one like the BOD system makes) you have the perfect coffee nectar that you dilute with  hot water, or steamed milk for delicious hot drinks or cold water, ice, or cold milk for delicious iced drinks anytime.  However you want it, you can have it!

Those who like a hot cup of black coffee , no cream or sugar needed can easily do it. with cold brew (again don't let the name fool you).  Just add the cold brew extract to a cup (1-2 oz is a good starting point depending on how big your cup is) and dilute it to taste with hot water from your kettle, the boiling water tap or the microwave. 

Making cold brew is also super simple and by doing it at home you'll have 8-12 servings of coffee ready when you are!


With the change of the seasons fast approaching, here are two simple cold-brew 'hot' recipes that's sure to get your morning up and running.



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