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Coffee + Your Heart

Coffee + Your Heart

Coffee is many peoples' friend! Whether it's for the brain, the taste, or even just a kick in the *** to help wake up in the morning, Coffee plays a series of roles within the body. Perhaps most importantly -- is the Heart.

An all-too-common google search : "Is Coffee Healthy?The answer is a bit murky, as it depends on both how it's brewed, and how it's drank. If you're dumping all sorts of sugars and other additives, it's probably not as good for you as you'd hope. However, some of Coffee's inherent properties do have some scientific evidence supporting that it can sure be a beneficial part of your life.

Yet the question "why?" yields a bit more information to help clear up the air. Coffee has natural blood-thinning & anti-inflammatory properties, which can be considered good news to just about anyone who's concerned with their heart health.

Thank the heavens for caffeine, which is what makes coffee become our happy-go-lucky-hot-bean-juice.

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EverydayHealth raises some useful information, especially in regards to a 2015 Harvard Study focusing on coffee's impact on the body.

"What Is It About Coffee That Affects Your Heart?

Coffee’s heart-health perks may be related to naturally-occurring compounds in coffee beans other than caffeine. Coffee contains hundreds of unique phytochemicals that may help reduce inflammation, which is good news for your heart, says Jellis, because, "There’s thought to be an inflammatory component underlying some causes of heart failure, atherosclerosis, and other conditions, so the anti-inflammatory properties of coffee compounds may be contributing to the perceived long-term benefits in terms of cardiovascular disease."

There's actually a multitude of heart-based 'boosts' the coffee is good for! Coffee drinkers are also less likely to suffer from heart attacks, cardiac failure and even strokes. Since it's also a mild blood-thinner, it can be excellent choice of beverage for those who struggle with hyper-tension and high blood pressure.

...So does that mean ANY coffee is inherently 'good' for you?

Here's where cold brewed coffee has a leg up on other brew methods

Unfortunately, not all coffee is the same. Certain coffee that's brewed with an espresso machine, french press, or even pod/single-serve machines use scorching hot water & pressure -- resulting in coffee that's high in Cafestol, which is the highest cholesterol elevating compound known.

(You can read more about this on our Health page if you'd like)

Baylor College Of Medicine Doctor Says Cafestol Is The Most Potent Cholesterol Elevating Compound Known

Published research from Baylor College of Medicine and Harvard University shows that Cafestol could be harmful to your health. According to Dr. David Moore, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Baylor College of Medicine, Cafestol is the most potent cholesterol elevating compound known. Dr. Marie-Louise Ricketts, a postdoctoral student and first author of the report, French press coffee and espresso contain the highest levels of Cafestol.


As always, if you have deeper concerns regarding your health and what you put into your body -- consult your primary physician. We understand that not everybody's body is the same, therefore not everything will work the same either.

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