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Coffee While You Camp

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Coffee While You Camp

With the final days of summer upon us there's still time to  seek out your perfect little getaway. Some people head to the coast for some fresh sea-air, while others head to their favorite camp spot for nature, serenity and recreation. But what about coffee? After all, you can't bring most coffee makers with you on a camping trip.

But what about a coffee maker that doesn't need electricity?

brew coffee campingSingle-serve, prepackaged instant coffee? Gross.

Old school percolators? Yikes.

"Cowboy Coffee?" No thanks. 

Just because you're roughing it out in the woods (or coast) doesn't mean you have to sacrifice having delicious, quality coffee. Now there is quite a selection of coffee camping equipment but most are just another hassle and  the coffee they produce is not like the gourmet stuff you're used to. What about those who don't have a fancy heater/grill, or generator to use some electricity? Or no access to a fireplace? Having to rely on something else to get your coffee game going isn't very fun, or practical. That's where cold brewing can save the day! All it does is brew with water and time. No flames, no presses, no stands, no generators, nothing! 

You can brew while on the go, in fact you can even brew in the car ride over, or in your backpack, tent or RV. No hassle needed! However, not all cold brewers are created equal. Some are not portable, spill-proof  or shatter-proof so choose wisely .

Glass + Travel = Dangerous. You certainly don't want broken glass (and a loss of the coffee) anywhere near your campsite, or picnic table.



The BOD® is built with highly-durable, shatter-proof plastic, so no worries there!


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