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Can I Drink Cold Brew Coffee Hot?

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Can I Drink Cold Brew Coffee Hot?

The answer is you betcha! In fact it's a great way to really taste the difference between cold brew and drip or single serve. The biggest struggle with the term 'cold brew', is often people say  "Oh.. I don't like cold coffee". The reality is you can drink it hot or iced! The phrase "cold-brew" is in solely regards to the brew process... How you choose to enjoy it is 100% up to you.

Cold brew produced in most home brewing systems (but not all produce cold brew high in brix...which is a fancy way to say coffee solids, so buyer beware) results in a concentrated coffee extract that is then diluted with water or milk (either hot or cold) to taste. The whole point of cold-brewing is avoid all of those nasty acids that can get in your coffee when hot water is used for brewing. High heat and fast brew times results in coffee that's high in acids. Those acids are relentless on your smile and stomach! scientist doctor hand holds virtual molecular structure in the lab as concept

(Seriously. We've got Science on our side! Check out our science page!)

SHOW ME THE SCIENCE!The reason Hot water brewing methods are so popular, is because of the speed. But let's think about this a bit harder.

Speed does not equate to quality. Just because your behemoth of a machine can make 'coffee' in no time at all, doesn't mean it's good coffee!  Single serve pods are super bad for the environment, standard drip-coffee gets old and dumped out ALL the time which just results in a lot of waste.

Is that speed worth it? Is it really worth the heartburn and stained teeth? Not to mention lots of those fancy drinks at a coffee shop are expensive.

The cold brew  process allows super extraction of the coffee grounds (if you brew at room temperature which is recommended....brewing in the fridge dramatically slows extraction). Cold brewing results in coffee that tastes bold & strong,  never  bitter and best of all it's  naturally low in acids and cholesterol elevating compounds (Cafestol in particular)

"So, if cold brew can be  drank hot or iced, how's it done?" 

Because everyone has different preferences on how strong they want their hot or iced coffee to taste, cold brewing allows you to personalize each cup (or glass) to your preferred taste profile.  If you are using a cold brewer that makes a super-concentrated extract We recommend 2oz. of Cold Brew Coffee Extract to 6 oz. of water or milk. Like it stronger? Add more extract.

For hot? -- Using hot water from the kettle, hot water spigot or even a microwave, add it to the cold brew extractusing the ratio suggestion from above. Then taste, add fixings as you please. Taste first because remember you're not covering up bitter acids, you're just tasting the pure coffee flavor sans bitterness.

For iced? -- Mix your cold brew extract  with ice cubes and cold water or whatever milk product (or any alternative) you desire.


If you're interested in trying cold brew the BOD® Cold Brew Coffee System has a 30 day risk free guarentee so there's no reason you shouldn't give cold brewing a try! What have you got to lose besides the acids and unhealthy oily compounds in you next cup.



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