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Cold Brew Low Acid Coffee That's Stomach-Friendly

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Cold Brew Low Acid Coffee That's Stomach-Friendly

Coffee, a morning ritual and for many of us an anytime pleasure. But, if you’ve ever experienced the uncomfortable side effect of heartburn or a churning, burning stomach after having even just one cup was the pleasure worth the pain?

To be fair, it’s not really coffee’s fault. High heat and fast brewing is what really increases the amount of acid in coffee and keeps caffeine levels high too. Coffee contains many types of acids, some of which can cause varying amounts of gastrointestinal discomfort to its fans. Often people are told to give up coffee, and other highly acidic foods to reduce or eliminate their symptoms. Giving up tomatoes might be easy enough, but giving up coffee? That’s a whole different level of sacrifice most people are not willing to do.

That’s why many coffee lovers are cold brewing their coffee. Cold brewing involves steeping coffee grounds for 12 or more hours. The coffee is brewed without heat so it makes low acid coffee naturally compared to other brew methods that use heat.  We tested our cold brew coffee maker to other popular brew methods:


*Acid testing was conducted in 2017 and scientifically supervised by Coffee Enterprises, a lab specializing in coffee testing.

The other benefit of cold brewing is because it's lower in acids, there's no need to have to add excessive amounts of cream or sugar either. Cold brew coffee tastes sweet naturally and has a rich, bold but never bitter taste. If you suffer from stomach upset after drinking coffee consider changing up your brew method. You might just be enjoying coffee again and ditching the antacids!

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