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Can you cook with Coffee?

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Can you cook with Coffee?

Short answer. Yes.

Long answer. Absolutely yes! Now while most people are more aimed towards drinking coffee, we truly believe in letting your creativity jump in! Baking with coffee is probably the most likely way you will cook with coffee and cold brew extract gives  many types of desserts such as cookies, cakes, Tiramisu, brownies, you name it,  a rich coffee flavor that is natural, unlike powdered coffee or espressso which can add bitterness to your dish. Take your next baking-game to the next level, try using a shot or two of cold brew for that coffee kick!

There really is infinite possibilities with what you can do with coffee!

One of our team members likes to make frozen coffee pops! They've even made some stellar dark chocolate coffee cakes. Coffee and Chocolate are meant for each other! Like Peanut Butter & Bananas!

Sweet treats aside, coffee can be used to 'beef' up soups & stews! Adding coffee to some spicy chili is sure to create a flavor many have not had the pleasure to try before!  You can even use coffee grounds as a meat tenderizer.

That same team member who made the frozen coffee pops? They also made a sweet honey coffee glaze for seared chicken! 

Stove, Oven, Frying-pan -- It really doesn't matter, you can drink and eat coffee. 

So go forth, and explore new ways of appreciating coffee and all its versatility, while expanding  your palate!

Have you made something epic with cold brew coffee? Let us know on social media! 

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Now get cooking!

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