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A Cup of Joe That Won't Derail Your Diet.

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A Cup of Joe That Won't Derail Your Diet.


Sticking to a diet can be a difficult thing to do. You have to give up many things, and the more you give up, the more intense your cravings will become. If you feel like you need to give up coffee for your diet, know that there is a better option out there for you! There are many ways you can enjoy a delicious, healthy cup of coffee that won't derail your diet.

Coffee itself has almost no calories, only around five calories per cup. The real trouble with coffee is the stuff that you may be tempted add to it in order to actually enjoy it. When you are trying to stay under a specific calorie limit, it may seem like the last thing that could hurt your plans is coffee so just be sure to choose wisely, there are plenty of healthier choices, you just have to look for them.

Coffee that is traditionally hot brewed is high in acids, the high heat and fast brew times increase the acids that are formed, which usually means the coffee has a bitter taste and the natural tendency is to want cover up that flavor  with lots of cream and sugar, which of course can  spell trouble for your diet. The same goes for coffee shops that over-roast their beans, which leads to the burnt taste which also calls for a high calorie cover up. Lattes, depending on what milk is used or how large the drink is, can be extremely high in calories, approximately four hundred calories for a typical medium drink. If you're going for one of those fancy iced coffee drinks served at coffee shops  watch out, those can be even higher in calories due to the amounts of fat and sugar that are often in them, approximate 450 calories, 150 of those from fat, for a medium drink. Definitely tasty, but a diet killer for sure!

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Luckily, there are some alternatives to enjoying coffee while watching calories or fat intake. For example, cold brew coffee tastes sweeter and free of bitterness since it's brewed without heat so the acids don't form at high levels. Many coffee shops are starting to serve cold brew coffee and of course you can easily make it at home too. The advantage of making your own coffee drinks at home is you control what you put in them and can choose healthier options. Cold brew also allows you the option to drink both hot and iced coffee drinks since it's usually a concentrated extract that you dilute so you can brew it cold but drink it hot or iced, your choice!

Coffee is one of life's daily pleasures so don't think you have to give it up or restrict yourself if you're dieting or trying to have a healthier lifestyle, it's all about choices and options.  Without all of the cream and sugar weighing you down, coffee goes from being a bad habit to a good one! 

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