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The Secret to Great Cold Brew Coffee...Get Your Grind Right!

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The Secret to Great Cold Brew Coffee...Get Your Grind Right!

Different brew methods require specific grind levels. For example, Turkish Coffee and Espresso are best brewed using a very fine grind. Cold brewing on the other end of the spectrum needs an extra coarse grind to maximize extraction. No matter what your brew method is, to make the best coffee, be sure to get your grind right!

The unit of measurement for grinding is called a Micron. 
To truly optimize your coffee experience, knowing a bit more details about the grind other than fine, medium or coarse can really improve the quality of your brew. Taking grinding to the next level involves knowing the optimal micron of the grind  you need for the type of brew method you are using, and then finding a grinder that can match that micron is the icing on the coffee cake. 

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Microns merely quantify the size of what was ground. The more microns, the more coarse the grind and vice versa.

For example, for cold brewing we suggest an Extra Coarse grind (1,200 microns).  This grind level  allows for maximum extraction, flavor and yield. Cold brewing using too fine of  a grind  will result in a low yield, since the finer the grind the more water the grounds will hold and will impede extractions. Holding too much water = Less Coffee = Not good.

Grounds that are too fine can also leave behind sediment or coffee dust (not actual coffee grounds). Because cold brewing requires steeping or soaking, the fine particles in lower micron ground coffee can leave this sediment in your brew if you don't use a coarse enough grind.

The remedy to this problem, we have developed our coffee blends to be optimized for cold brewing.  All our BodyBrew® Coffee blends were selected to specifically selected  to produce a rich and bold, never bitter cold brew extract, are coarse ground (1,200 microns), and pre-measured (each 8 oz. bag makes one BOD® brew cycle) so there's no need to ever clip a coffee bag again! NO grinding, No measuring, NO mess. 




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