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"Grounds" For Change


"Grounds" For Change

The relationship we've built with ground coffee has always been rather basic. We brew it. We drink it. We dump the grounds out.

Perhaps in this age of utilitarian self-enlightenment we can expand that relationship further! Did you know that there's actually quite a few things one can 'do' with coffee grounds post-brew?

While simply tossing the grounds in the garbage has been pretty standard, we were amazed as to how resourceful you can get with things. Here are some neat tricks to do with used coffee grounds!


My Grandma taught me years ago that a lot of garden pests HATE coffee grounds! Coffee grounds can repel a lot of unwanted critters, but also help others! Worms love it, and happy worms = happy garden.

Coffee grounds are also wonderful sources of magnesium, calcium and other minerals -- your Rhodies, Azelias, Dahlias & Hydrangeas will thank you!


Due to coffee's inherent compounds of nitrogen, coffee grounds make an excellent addition to compost... which then goes back to gardening. :)

Fight Unwanted Odors

Did 'something' sit in the 'fridge a bit too long? Yikes! But for real, it's happened to almost everyone. You open up the refrigerator, and your nose is assaulted by some unholy 'stank. Coffee grounds not only absorb the foul smells, but they also serve as a palate-cleanser, thus helping your nose 'not smell' the bad anymore!

(It's the same thing as having coffee grounds in a candle shop, or at a wine-tasting)

Exfoliate - Skin  & Facial

cinderellaBuying 'coffee' based body washes, creams, etc.. while they're luxurious in the shower, they're rather ridiculous on the wallet! Instead of shelling out some dough, you can add some grounds to your own body washes/soaps/etc. Not only is it good for your body's skin (exfoliation), but the caffeine can help open your pores, thus giving you that extra glow you might be looking for.

Some coconut oils, brown sugar, coffee grounds, and whatever other essential oils you like -- you can make your very own luxurious body scrub!

Reset The Hair

If you use too much product too often, you already know that sometimes your hair & scalp can get bogged down by all that weight. (Which isn't good for your hair follicles!)

Shampoos and Conditioners are helpful, but they don't always get everything clean. Besides -- using too hot of water on your scalp is bad too! Instead, by using something gentle yet tough on your hair, you'll get a nice fresh 'restart' on your 'do!

Exfoliate - ...In the Kitchen?

Did you forget to butter the casserole pan? Did those burnt cookies just DESTROY that metal sheet? No worries! Many scrubbers & 'de-greasers' can massively cut down the 'life' of a cake pan, cookie sheet, etc. (Those chemicals are also hard on your hands if you don't use gloves)

Coffee grounds are super strong, yet simultaneously gentle on house-hold products. You'll get that hard scrubbin' you're looking for without wearing some of the metal varnish off (and permanent scratching).

Getting The Most | BodyBrew Cold Brew Coffeestore-in-style

If you're already living a cold brew coffee lifestyle, you might already be aware of "Re-Brewing".

"Re-Brewing" is when you can make a second batch of coffee using the first batch's coffee grounds. Finding a cold brew coffee maker that can do this is rather difficult (possibly impossible!) -- The BOD system makes Re-Brewing super easy because all you have to do is fill the brew chamber back up with water after extracting your first batch. To finish it all off, the RE-Brew chamber then makes the extracting process as easy as the first round.Shop Now ⇾


Boom. More Coffee = Saving Money = Happy People. That's something anyone can appreciate.


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