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Are All Cold Brewers The Same?

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Are All Cold Brewers The Same?

Cold brewing used to be a 'little known' trick among the masses. Those who knew it, either had their DIY methods which usually involved mason jars, cheese cloth and maybe a bucket too, not to mention a mess. As our tech and toys have improved, so has the accessibility to various cold brew coffee makers. 

But one question remains -- are they all the same?

The simple answer is NO,  not all Cold brewers are the same.

First let's point out that there are two methods for cold brewing; steeping and soaking. Now add to the fact that there are a wide variety of cold brew coffee makers on the market that come in various sizes and made from various materials. While they all make cold brew coffee the end result and whether the maker you see in the lineup fits your lifestyle requires a bit of discernment.

There are quite a few cold brewers  out there that get something we believe is crucial wrong; the water-to-coffee ratio. If you don't get this right one of two things will happen you will get dry ground which means you left un-extracted coffee in the filter (waste of money and coffee) which secondarily  leaves you with weak extract. The point being, that there are a lot of brewers that just might not leave you satisfied.

Let's cover a few crucial cold brew factors to consider:



As you peruse through the internet looking for your cold brewer, you'd imagine most people would want the most efficient cold brew coffee maker, right? Again -- it's not always that simple. Most cold brewers out there make anywhere from 2-5  servings of ready to drink cold brew that's pre-diluted to the coffee maker company's taste, not yours. While that might be alright for some, it does mean that you can't do a whole lot with it. Adding ice/hot water would simply dilute it more! Having a brewer that makes a concentrated coffee extract will empower you the most. With a concentrated cold brew extract,  you have far greater control of how you want to drink it, as well as how strong. So pick your cold brewer wisely because cold brewing takes time no matter what, so pick the one that gives you the most volume for your brew time.


Water-to-Coffee Ratio.

Since there are multiple ways of 'cold brewing' coffee, there are also different ratios of water-to-coffee. When reading one instruction saying "fluid oz", but then another instruction says "cups", and another says liter, etc.. It just gets complicated. Too much water to coffee = weak coffee. Too little water to coffee=dry grounds= weak coffee. Also, this ratio matters if, like in our first point regarding yield, you are looking to make a concentrated cold brew extract or a ready to drink cold brew.


User Experience.

Kitchen appliances have a bad wrap for being troublesome at times. Blenders throw salsa to the ceiling, veggie-slicers can be a trip to the ER if you're not careful, smoothie makers can be difficult (if not impossible) to thoroughly clean etc. Your coffee maker shouldn't be added to that list.

If you have cold brewed using other methods or makers you may have experienced measuring, squeezing, releasing a cork, balancing an orange juice bottle, stirring wet grounds, time-consuming wetting of the grounds, taking up space in your fridge or shattering glass; just to get some delicious homemade cold brew. 

Life is complicated, your coffee maker shouldn't have to be.


Strength of Results.

Some brewers out there only suggest a 12 hour brew -- and with minimal coffee amounts, what you're left with is hardly an extract. Many brewers make an RTD (ready-to-drink) coffee, that's already fairly watered down. If you want a cup of coffee that's gonna kick your *** in the morning, you want a super strong, concentrated coffee extract. Not coffee bean 'tea'.



The majority of cold brewers out there are made of glass. While many argue the sustainability of glass (undisputed, of course), there's a drawback to glass. Glass shatters. Which means your precious cold brew would need to stay safe at home on the counter. Making it less than friendly for those with kids or curious furry friends. It also means you can't brew on the go! Portability is an important factor to keep in mind.



Finding a cold brewer that gives you the most for your coffee dollar is not that easy and finding one that gives you the ability to brew the same set of coffee grounds a second time is even rarer. While there are some systems that do make an extract, the capability to restart the brew process is not conducive to most cold brewers designs and if you can, it likely won't be easy or without a mess.


 With all of this said, let's reel things back in. What does this have to do with BodyBrew?

The BOD System was created with all of these things in mind, but most importantly -- the experience of the customer. We strive to provide both quality products, as well as service. So how does the BOD stand out?

Asset 13

Makes 8 - 12 Servings

Most cold brewers that makes less than 8 oz. of coffee 'extract', only really make enough for about 2-3 cups of coffee and many more make a ready to drink cold brew, averaging about 2-4 servings. The BOD makes 24 oz. of super concentrated extract -- perfect for  8 - 12 servings (depending on how much extract you use per serving).

Asset 12

The Form Is A Function

The BOD was not designed to mirror an hourglass shape on accident. It was with perfect purpose! The shape ensures the proper water-to-coffee ratio -- which then further ensures the quality of the coffee. With a simple flip of the BOD system, you effortlessly and without drips can instantly decant your cold brew extract into the self contained Extract Chamber. Since the Extract chamber is built for both decanting and storing, you won't waste a delicious drop!


Asset 10

Patented Stainless Steel Filter

A good filter should do its job, right? To filter out the grind and sediment but allow full extraction of the grounds. Our filter was designed to make the process easier than ever. With an easy-fill line, you'll never need to measure coffee again. Just dump & brew!

(we even have a Ridiculously Delicious cold brew coffee line which is pre-ground extra coarse and pre-measured for one BOD brew cycle)


Asset 9

Super Concentrated Cold Brew Extract

Instead of waiting 12 painful hours on a simple RTD Coffee, the BOD creates a delicious and incredibly strong extract/concentrate in the exact same amount of time. The overall strength is determined by how long you brew; The longer you brew, the stronger the extract.


Asset 11

Convenient Cold Brewing

Since the BOD system was designed around a pre-measured amount of coffee, it's only fitting to maintain that efficiency in our cold brew coffee blends.  Having to worry about the amounts of both water & coffee needed is time consuming, annoying, and can even get messy. Each BodyBrew cold brew coffee blend  comes with 8 oz. of extra-coarse-ground coffee, that perfectly fills our micro-mesh stainless-steel filter. Say "buh bye"  to measuring forever.

NO Grinding. NO Measuring. NO Mess.

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Asset 14

RE-BREW Optimized

Tastes so nice, you'll brew it twice~ Say what? Yeah. There are not a lot of cold brewers out there that can do what we call, "Re-Brew". Most people might not know this, but with a proper setup you can brew the same batch of grounds a second time, yielding even more delicious cold brew coffee! By stretching the sheer amount you get, you also are stretching your dollar -- which is awesome. Everyone likes to save money.

Asset 15

Self-Contained Modularity.

Modularity... That's a word, right? Well, it is now! The BOD system is easy to use and clean.

The extract chamber is also purposed for perfect storing in the refrigerator.

Spill-proof. Shatter-proof. Dishwasher safe. Brew ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

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