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New Year + New Coffee Lifestyle

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New Year + New Coffee Lifestyle

The New Year is here! Which means many people will be enacting some self-reflection to find new ways to improve their overall health and well being. We know that many people make 'health' based resolutions, but we also know that they can be so hard to keep!

A year is a very long time and the unfortunate truth is most New Years' resolutions simply do not last long!

NYPost/New Years Resolutions

"Before the first month of the year has even come to an end, most people have given up on their annual commitment to themselves.

Saturday, Jan. 12, is the fateful day of New Year’s resolutions. [...] “Sticking to resolutions is hard and we all know there’s a lot of talk and pressure in January about getting fitter and being healthier,” [...] “A key factor in success is motivation and analyzing millions of activity uploads, we’ve been able to pinpoint the day your motivation is most likely to waver.” [...] Roughly 55 percent of New Year’s resolutions were health-related, such as exercising more, eating healthier and getting out of financial debt. [...] Unrealistic expectations are a big reason resolutions failed.

 "Unrealistic expectations are a big reason resolutions failed."

This is the magic piece of the puzzle -- Realistic expectations will make your goals seem more achievable, and, if you do falter -- the self-projected punishment won't feel as severe.

Here are some tips to help 'keep' you in line for incoming New Year!


Make Small Changes

Let's face it. You will not magically transform your world overnight. It just simply isn't possible! But what you can do, is love yourself enough to dedicate yourself to the decisions you're choosing to make.

Change is like a pebble being dropped in a pool of water -- a small pebble, can make ripples that spread out long and wide.

Cut a few carbs here and there, skip the soda, go for a longer walk, etc.. While these are not momentousness changes, it's definitely a step in the right direction.

"Healthy" Coffee Tips

What does this have to do with Coffee?

The most common New Year's Resolution is tied to health. With that said, waltzing through the new year with a new coffee-lifestyle could help you stay on track! Cold brew coffee has remarkably lower levels of acids and oily compounds, so to those who are monitoring their cholesterol or who's tummy and coffee sometimes don't agree with one another, should definitely give cold brew  a try.


Because cold brew coffee also has a  naturally sweet flavor to it, it might not need sugar & flavorings = less calories = good for the waistband! (your teeth will also thank you!)

150917 - BodyBrew36352

Making cold brew coffee is actually a lot easier to make than you might think. And remember if you really want to take advantage of the health aspects of cold brew you might want to make your own and avoid the drive through option. When people to their local coffee shop/drive-thru, it's easy to order that super-duper-yummy drink whichis sadly loaded with excess carbs, sugars, chemicals, colorings, preservatives, etc (do we really have to say more? )

Instead of subjecting yourself to that, you can easily make your favorite drink at home -- using cold brew extract with some added simple syrups, spices, honey, essences & extracts, etc.

(Have you ever brewed coffee with cinnamon inside the coffee grounds?! It's a game-changer.)

By making your own cold brew coffee at home, you will learn to appreciate your beverage more. Not only will it be easier on your body, but your wallet will also thank you!

Make 2019 a great year, full of lots of little improvements and be sure to be kind to yourself and others along the way!

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