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Cold Brew 101

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Are You "Taste-Bud" Blind?

You hear the phrase "nose-blind" on a lot of air-freshener commercials and the like. It essentially means that you've become so accustomed to something sensory to the point where you no longer acknowledge its existence. If you're used to something, you probably do not draw very much attention to it. Hence the need to address smells that could possibly be going un-'smelled'. (Is it smelt? Smelled? Whoever smelt it, dealt it... right?)

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Coffee While You Camp

With the final days of summer upon us there's still time to  seek out your perfect little getaway. Some people head to the coast for some fresh sea-air, while others head to their favorite camp spot for nature, serenity and recreation. But what about coffee? After all, you can't bring most coffee makers with you on a camping trip.

But what about a coffee maker that doesn't need electricity?

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Brew Epic Coffee For The Gamers.

Whether you work a desk-job or are a hard-core competitive gamer -- chances are, you're probably sitting while doing it. You might be sitting while reading this right now! Sometimes in a moment of rest, one might wonder about a beverage that might assist their 'revive' session to get them ready to go back to the battlefield. While not always the preferred environment, sometimes you just need a quick buzz while super-smashin' with some friends , or cranking out an intense speed-run. 

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Brew it Cold, Yet Drink It Hot!

There's still so much misinformation out there about cold brew coffee. We get this question literally all the time.

"Can cold brew coffee be drank hot?" -- Of course it can! In fact, the versatility of cold brew coffee is perhaps what makes such a delicious cup of coffee. With less acids and bitter flavors, you might find your new 'hot' - cold brew coffee is a real kick in the pants. But how does one 'make' hot coffee using cold brew?

Coffee + Your Heart

Coffee is many peoples' friend! Whether it's for the brain, the taste, or even just a kick in the *** to help wake up in the morning, Coffee plays a series of roles within the body. Perhaps most importantly -- is the Heart.

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Enemies In Disguise: Coffee "Creamer"

Let's be honest here. Everyone has their preferences regarding their coffee rituals -- Iced, Hot, Black, Cream, Sugar, etc.

It's easy to see a giant jug of coffee creamer and think to yourself "Oh yummy! Let's give that one a shot".

It tastes pretty good. . . . but is it really good for you? Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your coffee "creamer"?


"Grounds" For Change

The relationship we've built with ground coffee has always been rather basic. We brew it. We drink it. We dump the grounds out.

Perhaps in this age of utilitarian self-enlightenment we can expand that relationship further! Did you know that there's actually quite a few things one can 'do' with coffee grounds post-brew?

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"The Sludge" | Unsolved Coffee Mysteries

You're in a building. Any kind of building, really -- an office space, the campus cafeteria, a waiting room, etc..

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New Year + New Coffee Lifestyle

The New Year is here! Which means many people will be enacting some self-reflection to find new ways to improve their overall health and well being. We know that many people make 'health' based resolutions, but we also know that they can be so hard to keep!


Tips To Beat Holiday Stress

Holy smokes! The year has already come and gone. What a blur it's been. When the year comes to a close, there's always a hustlin' and bustlin' for gatherings for friends & families . . . and potentially foes.

Aunt Gertrude's mustache is getting full... Uncle Nate's dog is poorly-behaved... Cousin Becky literally won't shut up! Did you forget someone's gift?

The holiday season can really be stressful! Here are some healthy tips to help you through the hectic holidays.

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Science Is Not A Marketing Ploy

Cold brew coffee has its skeptics -- coffee connoisseurs, snobs, casual-sippers, etc.. everyone has their mind made up on certain things. We understand that not everyone is going to like cold brew coffee, just like how not everyone likes espresso, drip or single serve!

However, when it comes to us hearing various critiques, it's worth noting that there is a science to cold brew coffee. There's a reason why it's easier on the body.

Recently, an article has picked up some steam, and we'd like to humbly address it.

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Are All Cold Brewers The Same?

Cold brewing used to be a 'little known' trick among the masses. Those who knew it, either had their DIY methods which usually involved mason jars, cheese cloth and maybe a bucket too, not to mention a mess. As our tech and toys have improved, so has the accessibility to various cold brew coffee makers. 

But one question remains -- are they all the same?

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Cold Brew Mistakes

Since cold brewed coffee has gained popularity in the last few years, people are learning that there are a lot of different ways to make it! Some people swear by a standard cold dripper, while others a soaking system or a steeping system. There are lots of choices out there and not all are created equal so choose wisely.

However, one thing is certain with cold brewing,  "You can't rush art!" Cold brewing requires a couple of things...

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Burnt Beans Ruin Coffee

Burnt beans change the game. You might not be aware of this, but the roasting methods of coffee beans are just as important to the making coffee as the way it's brewed!

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Easy Workouts For Hot Days

Summer is coming, full speed ahead! That means it's going to be hot -- waaaay too hot to exercise, right? Sadly, that may be the convenient answer, but it's important to stay active no matter what the weather! In fact, there may be some added bonuses with exercising in hotter temperatures.  But you have to be careful so as not to overheat yourself in the process. Here are some tips on staying active while beating the heat!

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