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Save Money On Coffee By Switching To Cold Brewing

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Save Money On Coffee By Switching To Cold Brewing

Ready for a harsh truth? Many people are spending way too much money on their coffee habits.

It's just a couple bucks, right? No big deal! Everyone likes a treat every now and then...right?

It is a big deal, actually. Have you ever calculated how much money you spend going out for coffee a week? A month? A year? It is not a pretty picture. 

If you didn't crunch the numbers, that's okay, here's some basic math on the dollars and cents of the average person's coffee habit.

Let's face it, at most mega-chain coffee shops, the average price of a beverage is around $4. The average person goes out to buy coffee 3-6 times a week. This results in the average person spending about $12-$24 a week. Continuing that math shows a cost of roughly $48-$96 a month... which is then $576 - $1,152 per year. That’s a lot of money!

Now if you buy pre-bottled cold brew, that costs about $3 on a good day. Some of the options out there are not that portable (glass bottles are not something many people may want to tote around with them in their bag) and none give you the choice of coffee beans used or brew time and you definitely know it's not freshly brewed. 

We totally get it. Everyone loves coffee. But think about it! You’re spending a lot of money on coffee every week, it should be worth it! Instead, you get mediocre, burnt and acidic coffee that’s loaded with calories, chemicals, sugar and even GMO's (besides, the barista is only going to get your name wrong again).

While buying pre-bottled cold brew, or stopping in for a drink at a local coffee house might be great options once in a while, nothing beats making cold brew at home using your favorite coffee, filtered water and the brew time that suits your taste!

Just how much will I save?

For example The BOD® Cold Brew Coffee System produces a super concentrated cold brew extract that allows you to easily make both hot and iced coffee drinks at your preferred strength, using your favorite coffee. One brew cycle makes about 8-12 servings of coffee, and if you brew you grounds a second time (which is easy to do with the BOD® and tastes delicious), that nearly doubles the amount. On average, one serving of BodyBrew Coffee is about 49¢. Let’s do some more math! 

49¢ x 3-6 times a week = $1.47 - $2.94 per week.

$5.88 - $11.76 per month.

$70.56 - $141.12 per year.

Start saving money on coffee today by making delicious cold brew at home. Your wallet will thank you!





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