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Tips To Beat Holiday Stress

Holy smokes! The year has already come and gone. What a blur it's been. When the year comes to a close, there's always a hustlin' and bustlin' for gatherings for friends & families . . . and potentially foes.

Aunt Gertrude's mustache is getting full... Uncle Nate's dog is poorly-behaved... Cousin Becky literally won't shut up! Did you forget someone's gift?

The holiday season can really be stressful! Here are some healthy tips to help you through the hectic holidays.

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Science Is Not A Marketing Ploy

Cold brew coffee has its skeptics -- coffee connoisseurs, snobs, casual-sippers, etc.. everyone has their mind made up on certain things. We understand that not everyone is going to like cold brew coffee, just like how not everyone likes espresso, drip or single serve!

However, when it comes to us hearing various critiques, it's worth noting that there is a science to cold brew coffee. There's a reason why it's easier on the body.

Recently, an article has picked up some steam, and we'd like to humbly address it.

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

Everyone is becoming more health conscious. Isn't that great?!

You've probably done a quick search engine query of "Is coffee good for you?" or "Is coffee healthy?", or something close to that, right?

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Why Cold Brew Coffee is Popular

The big question that hits everyone's mind when it comes to making a change, is the why? Why should someone switch to cold brewed coffee? Thankfully, there are multiple answers, each appeasing certain values. From health, economics to even just the simple appreciation of flavor -- there are some compelling arguments as to why Cold Brew Coffee makes change easy, and delicious!

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4 Things You NEED To Know About Cold Brew Coffee!

There's a lot of information about Coffee and its various brew methods. You might be unaware that your coffee maker might not be healthy for you! We're always asking the big "Why"? So here are some answers that might help you make the switch to Cold-brewed Coffee.


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Could Coffee Help Your Mood?

With so much external stimuli inundating our lives, it can be easy to feel beat down, drained and depressed.

Since everyone is different, finding relief can be difficult and there definitely isn't a  "one-fix" for all.

One area of study which is showing some positive results is the study of how coffee impacts mental health and mood.

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Cold Brew Low Acid Coffee That's Stomach-Friendly

Coffee, a morning ritual and for many of us an anytime pleasure. But, if you’ve ever experienced the uncomfortable side effect of heartburn or a churning, burning stomach after having even just one cup was the pleasure worth the pain?

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A Cup of Joe That Won't Derail Your Diet.


Sticking to a diet can be a difficult thing to do. You have to give up many things, and the more you give up, the more intense your cravings will become. If you feel like you need to give up coffee for your diet, know that there is a better option out there for you! There are many ways you can enjoy a delicious, healthy cup of coffee that won't derail your diet.

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Low Acid Coffee Naturally, Your Teeth Will Thank You


We’ve all seen the movie about the cheeky British spy with bad teeth. Sure he’s hilarious but if your teeth looked like that it would be no laughing matter. And if they did you could just get them whitened right?


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