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What Happened To The Coffee Culture?

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What Happened To The Coffee Culture?

In some cultures, the morning coffee is practically sacred. It is a time to enjoy a beverage while engaging in some quiet self-reflection before the day begins, to have pleasant chit-chat, and to genuinely appreciate and savor the experience.  It appears these aspects have become harder to find in the current coffee culture... so, what happened?

Coffee has in many ways become a commercialized, 'in-and-out' kind of deal. The goal is to get you sugared and caffeinated as fast as possible (not to mention lightening the old wallet too).  Coffee shops have enticing marketing, catchy drink names, and let's face it free wi-fi so you can work even more while you're waiting in line.

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Here at BodyBrew, we focus on coffee  for your active, healthy lifestyle which means taking time out to do things you enjoy, which probably doesn't involve standing in line working while you wait for your $5 coffee. With that,  we get the need to take coffee to go but we also hope you are taking time to really enjoy that cup of heaven at least more often than not.

We also don't believe coffee should be some mythological-creature inspired blended beverage. We have to wonder about the colors calories, fat and sugar that are in these concoctions. They're cute and colorful but definitely not coffee and usually not healthy.

Is this where the coffee culture in the U.S had evolved ... instant gratification and fairy tales?

There is one particularly prominent area of the world that still has a respect for coffee; Italy

“The trend of espresso-places has been thriving for a few years in New York and is expanding to the rest of the country,” he wrote in his journal. “Sure, I’m happy when I can drink a coffee Italian-style, but I struggle to explain to Americans the feeling of uneasiness that these kinds of places provoke in me.”

More than 50 years later, Italians are still deeply protective of their country’s reputation as the coffee capital of the world. Italians despise American-style coffee, which they regard as a sort of dull black broth. At the same time, they scoff at American attempts to replicate espresso, which invariably ends up being too short, too strong, or too slow."


Granted we are not exactly "pro-espresso", (check out our Science page for more on that) but we appreciate the relationship with coffee and taking a moment to just enjoy.

For die hard coffee fans who want to check out a great coffee documentary we recommend a 2005 PBS documentary, called "Black Coffee" .

"Black Coffee" explores much of Coffee's rich history.

With all of this said, we completely understand that sometimes you have no other option but to take your coffee to go. Especially for those who travel frequently! No one should be forced to drink airplane coffee...ever. However, if you do drink coffee on a flight make it some good stuff. As frequent travelers ourselves, we pack our cold brew in a handy TSA friendly 3.4 oz. Flight Flask.  If you're a traveler you might want to pick up a Flight Flask of your own.

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So, next time you have time to enjoy a cup of coffee, take a few minutes to do just that...enjoy.

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