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Why Cold Brew Coffee is Popular

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Why Cold Brew Coffee is Popular

The big question that hits everyone's mind when it comes to making a change, is the why? Why should someone switch to cold brewed coffee? Thankfully, there are multiple answers, each appeasing certain values. From health, economics to even just the simple appreciation of flavor -- there are some compelling arguments as to why Cold Brew Coffee makes change easy, and delicious!

We understand that everyone has their own particular coffee fixes. We're certainly not here to tell you how to live your life. All we want to do is present facts alongside our personal stories of why cold brew coffee is a better choice.


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Flavor: With so many different blends of coffee, each boasting different flavors,  cold brewing is a great way to really explore the full flavor profiles coffee has to offer. Some beans and roasts offer a  light yet rich fruity tones while others taste rich, chocolate and even nutty. Regardless of what kind of coffee blends you enjoy, by cold-brewing, you dramatically and naturally reduce acids (which of course make coffee taste bitter) so without all those acids you are really able to taste the true flavor of the bean and roast. With your tongue not having to work with those acids, you get a much more developed flavor profile. Cold brew is often described as tasting like coffee smells. It's bold, strong but without bitterness.  Something sure to wake up the mind, as well as the tongue! Many of our satisfied customers shared that their first experience with cold brewed coffee was strange, in that they have never tasted anything like this before. Wouldn't you want to try something new? Something that just might rock your world? And something you can use to make both hot and iced coffee drinks, desserts and cocktails!

 better for your heart and cholesterol

Heart: When we were developing our first cold brew coffee maker, we happened to come across some scientific studies showing that certain brew methods contained high levels of a potent cholesterol-elevating compound called Cafestol. Research studies from Harvard and Baylor Universities indicated Espresso and French Press had very high levels of Cafestol. According to medical experts, high cholesterol is tied to heart disease and is the most common cause of death around the world. A study published by Molecular Endocrinology in July 2007, says that Cafestol is the most potent cholesterol elevating compound found in the human diet, and consumption of unfiltered coffee such as the Scandinavian-type boiled, (French-press), and Turkish coffee raises triacylglycerol and low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol concentrations in humans. With that information, we immediately wanted to test our cold brew method to other hot and cold brew methods and conducted lab test in 2007 and again in 2017, using a lab that specializes in coffee testing. The great news is, lab test show that coffee brewed using our cold brew method is significantly lower in Cafestol than other brew methods, including French press, espresso and single serve.  To put this in perspective, comparing our cold brew cold-brewed to espresso revealed that Espresso had 7,621% (or 76x) more Cafestol than BodyBrew Cold Brew. Now if that's not a great reason to give us espresso and give cold brew a shot we don't know what is.  For all the lab test results check out our Health page.

 less acidic is better for your stomach

Stomach: Another drawback to hot brew coffee is that it contains high levels of acids, which can force many people to suffer through heartburn, indigestion & stomach upset. Not to mention, it's even harder for people who struggle with GERD, or even IBS. Giving up acidic foods might be easy, but coffee? Not happening. Coffee is something  that many people simple don't want to give up.  Yet not all coffee is the same. Brew methods matter. The lower levels of acids in   cold brew coffee often make it much more tolerable for folks who are sensitive to acids and many actually are able to enjoy coffee again, without problems. Not only did we test for Cafestol, but we also tested our cold brew method against other brew methods for total acids or what's called Titratable Acidity.  Again espresso did not fare well with about 438% (or 4x) more Titratable acidity levels than our cold brew method. We took it a step further and also tested our cold brew method against cold brew coffee made using a French-Press. Lab tests showed the cold brewed French press coffee had  31% more acidity levels than our cold brew. So, the moral of the story is, not all cold brew is created equal either so choose your brew method wisely.

 less acids is better for your teeth, keeping a white smile

Smile: It's no secret that we all want our  pearly whites to be...well... white.   Hence the growing and rather lucrative teeth whitening industry which ranges from the relatively affordable DIY kits to the costly teeth bleaching procedures that are done by a dentist. The downside of these methods while they do temporarily  whiten your teeth, they can also weaken enamel and heighten tooth sensitivity. What does this have to do with cold-brew? (Spoiler alert...tannic acid) 

Studies at the Texas A&M Health Sciences Center, Baylor College of Dentistry as well as the President of the Academy of General Dentistry, say Tannic acid in coffee can stain teeth and weaken tooth enamel. Your enamel is what protects your teeth, so if it is weakened or wears away, then your teeth become more vulnerable to decay. Tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, it’s not smooth and flat like it appears. Instead, it has tiny pits and grooves that get filled with beverage and food particles. If you drink hot coffee, the heat can make your teeth expand and contract which allows the stains to penetrate even farther into the pits and grooves in the enamel. Hot brew methods are notoriously high in tannic acid which can also wear teeth down, and promote tooth decay, making cavities more likely. (Oh, btw, tooth enamel does not grow back) . Again, lab test show that our cold brew method had remarkably lower levels of Tannic acid too! Which means cold brewing is a smile friendly way to enjoy coffee.

 saving money on coffee

Wallet: This is a tricky one. People are busy. We totally get that. Sometimes, the only option you have to get your java jive going, is to swing by the corner coffee  shop and get your fix. However, moderation is a key component. Many people get coffee from a shop every day (or more than once a day). Now we also understand that math is not everyone's favorite subject, but have you ever crunched the numbers as to how much money you're spending on coffee?

Let's say your favorite mocha is around $4. The average person goes out to buy coffee 3-6 times a week. This results in the average person spending about $12-$24 a week. Continuing that math shows a cost of roughly $48-$96 a month... which is then $576 - $1,152 per year. That’s a lot of money! (granted these are some loose calculations, it's still something to be conscious of). Now the good news, on average, our cold-brew costs 49¢ per serving. You certainly do not need a degree in mathematics to know that that's a killer deal. So give cold brewing at home a try and you'll be saving yourself some serious money and let's face it your cold brewer will pay for it self in no time!

 leaf to show environment, eco-friendly green

Environment: From waste-management, to carbon-footprints, the world is becoming more aware of our impact on the Earth. While there is an incredibly loyal following of popular single-serve/pod machines, there's a little known under-belly to that side of the coffee realm. Waste. Those "To-Go" cups and single serve pods wind up somewhere! In fact, billions of those cups and pods are thrown away every year. Which means they end up in landfills, rivers & oceans. Cold brewing is not only a zero energy way to brew but there is literally no waste. The used coffee grounds are compostable and you literally drink every drop of cold brew, since it stores fresh in the fridge so you'll never throw coffee away again. With our cold brew coffee system, which comes with a lifetime stainless steel filter, you'll never buy filters again. Not all cold brewers offer that.  Many have filters or plugs that you have to buy, throw away and replace. Again choose wisely.

 easy button convenience

Convenience: Similar to the the wallet section, we understand that many people go out for the convenience. But is it really that convenient? Standing in line, or sitting in your idle vehicle can take what seems like forever.  A coffee shop is only as convenient as it is speedy, and accurate. There's nothing worse than standing in line for  10 minutes, only to get someone else's drink or have your order botched. Your option are drink it anyway just to get out of there or  start all over and spend another 10 minutes waiting!  Now for those that thing single-serve machines convenient is that really true?  First you've got to turn it on wait for it to warm up, put the pod in and then it brews, one cup. If you have two or three people or a whole dinner party of folks who want coffee how long is that really going to take to dole out all those single cups of coffee.  And on another note, there's the cleaning of any hot brewer. Yes they do need a thorough internal cleaning because mold and bacteria love dark, wet places and hot brewers can be a breeding ground for that.

Switching to cold-brewed coffee empowers you to enjoy coffee anytime, without any fuss. Just get your extract and start pouring. Cold brew coffee makers are easy to use and easy to clean. Ours is completely dishwasher safe, modular for those that want to hand wash, and is spill proof and shatter proof so you'll never need to worry about it shattering in a million pieces. And you'll never have to use vinegar and hot water again.


travel symbol for versatility and portability

Portability: Everyone is on the go! People love to go hiking, kayaking, camping, etc. but sometimes activities like these require having to change up your coffee routine. With cold brewing you won't. The extract is extremely portable, and so is our coffee maker,  plus for even more flexibility we even sell portable flasks you can take to work or on your next flight so the cold brew lifestyle is extremely easy to fit into your world!  Think about it, wouldn't it just be epic to have your perfect cup of coffee as you wake up and get out of your tent? Or brew in the car? Or  on your bike? Or on the back of your motorcycle. Our cold-brew system is completely compact, modular & portable. So you can literally brew it anywhere, anytime. No more cords or clutter and no outlet needed!

 clock to symbolize time.

Shelf-Life: Perhaps the saddest thing about standard hot-brewing methods, is that it only 'keeps' for a little while. Yes, a carafe can sit on the hot-pad, but you know when coffee is old, .just take a whiff of the office tar after an hour or two, or eight. Yuck. Nasty. #SwipeLeft. It also is often wasted! Dumping coffee is almost a sin! Thankfully, cold-brewed coffee can last up to two weeks in the fridge so you can have fresh coffee anytime and you never waste a delicious drop.

 can brew the same coffee twice

Re-Brew Compatible: A common critique of cold-brewed coffee, is that it inherently uses more ground coffee. Yes, this is true,  however, what makes cold-brewing so revolutionary is that with some cold brew coffee makers you can Re-Brew the grounds a second time to really maximize your coffee. We've even had some customers brew it a third time, granted its strength is a bit weaker with re-brewing but hey we believe in maximizing your resources! Re-Brew compatibility is sure to please anyone with a sense of frugality. We've probably all tried to re-brew with a hot brewer, undrinkable. Re-Brewing cold brew style....delicious! But don't believe us, give it a try yourself.


icons for hot iced cocktail coffee

Versatility: Another hurdle we often are faced with, is that many people get scared off by the world "cold". The "cold" in cold brewing merely describes the brew method, not how the coffee is consumed.. Once it's been made, you can do anything you want with it! Dilute the coffee extract with steamed milk for an instant latte, or hot water for a hot cup of joe. So many folks only drink cold brew in the summer but they are missing out on the full versatility of cold brew coffee extract. We guarantee if you try it hot, cold brew will be your year around coffee.  But of course let's not forget how amazing cold brew coffee tastes over ice. Add a splash of creamer and hazelnut flavor for an iced coffee delight or blend it with ice chips and a little chocolate for an icy treat.  The point being, that cold brew coffee does not follow the rules of more common brewing methods. You can use it for just about anything you can imagine. It's perfect for hot and iced coffee drinks, but also great in desserts and cocktails. Cold brew coffee martini anyone?

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Now that we've made our claim, it ultimately is up to you! If you've made it this far, you've probably got a good handle on how cold-brew coffee is a total game changer.

The BOD® Cold-Brew Coffee System makes a super concentrated cold brew coffee extract that's naturally low in Cafestol and acids so it's heart, stomach and smile friendly.

Taste the difference.



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